Peer Support Centers

Peer Support Centers

Peer Support Centers


Tennessee has 45 peer-run Peer Support Centers throughout the state where you can connect with peers and learn more about recovery. They offer free classes on subjects like stress, recovery, health, wellness, and grief and go out on outings, play games, and create art. You canjoin support groups and get to know other people in your communitywho live lives of recovery from mental illness or co-occurring disorder. Peer Support Centers can also provide free transportation. The people who go to the Peer Support Centers say that the people there are like family to them. And they need your input, your energy, and your story!
Click here to find a Peer Support Center near you.

Click here  for findingMyRecovery – a virtual peer support community!

Ever wondered what happens at a Peer Support Center?  In this video,  Michelle Roller walks us through a day at Centerstone Peer Support Center in  Shelbyville!

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“I felt like I belonged. Everyone had different disabilities, but it didn’t matter. Everyone treated each other like family.”