Housing Within Reach

Below, you will find information about resources that may be useful to you as you begin your search for a new home.

Types of Housing

Creating Homes Initiative

In 2000, a visionary pioneer named Marie Williams (currently the Commissioner of the Tennessee Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services) created an initiative to partner with communities throughout the state...

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Consumer Housing Specialists

Also a part of the Creating Homes Initiative (CHI), Consumer Housing Specialists help to connect people with affordable housing, provide resources and educate local communities about the housing needs for people with behavioral health disorders...

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Tennessee State Plan to End Homelessness

The Tennessee State Plan to End Homelessness has goals to end veteran and chronic homelessness, end homelessness for families with children and youth, and to end all other homelessness by the end of 2025.

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SOAR stands for SSI/SSDI Outreach, Access and Recovery. The application process for SSI/SSDI (Supplemental Security Income / Social Security Disability Insurance) can be complicated and overwhelming but SOAR can help. SOAR Specialists work with people who are homeless or are returning to the community from institutions (jails, prisons or hospitals) who need SSI/SSDI to get back on their feet. Find a SOAR Specialist in your area here: