Recovery Courts and Other Courts

Recovery Courts

Recovery Courts

In Tennessee, those facing non-violent criminal charges may have the opportunity to enter substance abuse treatment in lieu of jail time if they enroll in a Recovery Court Program. Recovery Courts, formerly called Drug Courts, are special courts that handle cases involving people with substance use disorder through comprehensive supervision, drug testing, treatment services and immediate sanctions and incentives. The expectations of those willing to participate are intensive, as the road to recovery is not easy. Individuals who complete all the parameters of the Recovery Court graduate with their sobriety and a new lease on life.

For a listing of Recovery Court Programs in Tennessee contact:
Rebekah Provost-Emmons, MSW
Director, Criminal Justice Services
Division of Substance Abuse Services

Mental Health Courts

Modeled after drug courts, mental health courts first came about due to the increasing number of people with mental illness entering the criminal justice system. The mental health courts provide certain people with mental illness the option of following a specialized screening and assessment program and then community-based supervision and treatment plan.

Veterans Treatment Courts

Across the United States, Veterans Treatment Courts are working to meet the specific needs of the men and women who have served our country and are returning with challenges as a result of their experiences in difficult circumstances. Through a structured program administered by the court, eligible veterans can find stability and new purpose to be a contributor to the community. Benefits offered to assist veterans include

  • Mental health evaluation
  • Alcohol /substance abuse assistance
  • Supervision by client specialists assigned to work on their particular needs.

Growing numbers of veterans returning from service face specific mental health challenges as a result of fighting to defend our nation in an evolving and dangerous world. When we consider their unique condition, innovations in the methods by which we work to return them to full participation in society are crucial.

Safe Baby Courts

The Zero to Three Initiative Courts program, Safe Babies Court Teams, help children from troubled homes avoid chronic adverse childhood experiences. The program connects babies and their families with the support and services they need to promote healthy child development, while at the same time ensuring speedier exits from the system.

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