When Recovery Is Work: Promoting Wellness in Peer Support Roles

When Recovery Is Work: Promoting Wellness in Peer Support Roles

Category: Trainings, Webinars

Posted on June 8th, 2023

Tuesday, June 27th: 2:00 – 3:30 PM CST

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Peers provide a critical level of support for individuals throughout all intercepts of the criminal justice system, but often, the supportive nature of their role causes them to prioritize the needs of others over themselves. When a peer neglects their own needs to support the needs of others, they become more likely to experience negative consequences such as burnout and compassion fatigue. This is especially true for peers working with individuals who are involved with the criminal justice system. Whether a peer is serving as a mentor, assisting individuals with navigating the criminal justice system, advocating for those in recovery, or providing linkages to supports and services, it is crucial that peers not lose sight of their own wellness and job satisfaction. 

This webinar will feature an introduction to the 8 Dimensions of Wellness as a framework for identifying personal goals and opportunities to increase self-care practices. Speakers will discuss the importance of self-care amongst peer support staff, as well as specific strategies peers can use to achieve and maintain personal wellness. Speakers will also describe the steps that an organization can take to provide support to their peer staff and to encourage self-care practices and overall wellness in the workplace.