Peerlink Virtual Regional Summit

Peerlink Virtual Regional Summit

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Posted on July 8th, 2020

Peerlink Virtual Regional Summit

This summit will feature:

1. A welcoming and introduction to the Peerlink team who will describe and explain our work to date.

2. Breakout sessions with experts in their fields of Peer Employment, Financial Self-Sufficiency, and Organizational Development.

3. Strategies on how to use these new skills to continue growing ourselves and the peer support field.

Check out the presenters, topics, and learning objectives for the breakout sessions:

Creating a Space for Abundance

This session will focus on financial wellness through the lens of personal, historical, and family history by helping us understand how we got here.

Learning Objectives:

1. Uncover our historical issues and understandings around financial wellness.
2. Understand how these historical ideas around finances currently effects our current financial outlook and choices.
3. Learn how to build resilience in a time of scarcity.

Debra BuffaloBoy CADC II, CRM, PWS.

Strengthening Peer Employment Opportunities: What Employers Look for when Hiring Peers

This session will focus on honing the strengths that make you uniquely qualified for peer work from a peer management perspective.

Learning Objectives:

1. Learn about the various types of jobs in the peer field.
2. Discover what qualifications managers look for when hiring peers.
3. Learn how to strengthen interview techniques.

Jose Castillo,
Peer and Family Advisor
Veteran Advocate

Professional Development for Peers and the People who Employ Them

This session will focus on how emerging organizations can develop frameworks that support advocacy around peer employment and wages.

Learning Objectives:

1. Understand the impact of stigma on achieving employment goals.
2. Understand the importance of applying a Peer lens within other roles in the organization.
3. Identify ways for individuals and organizations to advocate for increased wages.

Lynn Smith-Stott MS, QMPH-C, CADC III, PWS
Jessica Carroll (Osage) MA-PMHCA, PWS

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