Specialized Online Support Group Services

Specialized Online Support Group Services

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Posted on January 14th, 2021

Restore Small Groups was formally an outreach program of the YMCA of Middle TN from 2000-2015. In 2015, we launched as an independent non-profit in order to expand our services.

We currently have partners locally, nationally and internationally who are using our group process, and additionally, we offer groups from our home office in downtown Nashville. We are a certified Recovery Community within the Department of Faith-Based Initiatives.​

Our group process is centered around well-known evidence-based processes such as emotional awareness, psychological flexibility, committed action to change, self-compassion, mindfulness and overcoming negative thinking. We take an integrative approach by addressing emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual needs. We know groups are uniquely suited to help decrease isolation and shame, two of the major factors in increased substance abuse. We have had immense success in helping motivate people to make significant life change over our 20 years as an organization.

In 2020, we went all virtual with our group offerings. This has allowed participants easy access care in a tough time. Our hope is to elevate awareness of our services so that those, particularly in areas where mental health resources are scarce, can access help. 

Starting Jan. 25th, we are offering 4 online groups including: Journey to a New Beginning After Loss (an 8-week group for anyone struggling with grief and loss, past or present), Journey to Freedom: Navigating Uncertainty, Depression and Anxiety (8-weeks), 12 Steps to Freedom (15 week/12 step group for any addiction or for anyone seeking to break unhealthy habits), and Journey to Freedom: Making Changes for a Better Life (8 weeks to focus on making any change that will improve quality of life). All of our 8-week groups are $40 and our 15 week group is $75. But we never turn anyone away for inability to pay.