Division Spotlight: Supporting the Behavioral Health Workforce: Enhancing Immune Health

Division Spotlight: Supporting the Behavioral Health Workforce: Enhancing Immune Health

Category: Trainings, Webinars

Posted on September 6th, 2022

Dr. Peggy Swarbick and Ms. Jessica Jonikas presented to NASMHPD’s Transformation Transfer Initiative (TTI) recipients on self-care and wellness in the behavioral health field. Tending to well-being and promoting significant self-care in the behavioral health workforce improves both physical and mental health outcomes for behavioral health workers as well as the people they serve, and is especially essential as crisis response services expand, and given the health disparities for individuals with behavioral health disorders. A promising approach to reducing these risks is a health promotion program that focuses on how the immune system functions and practical skills for better immune health. 

In an effort to strengthen the behavioral health workforce, this information exchange looks at ways to promote self-care and wellness. Viewers will learn about the modules of this pioneering intervention that teaches behaviors to reduce health risks by helping people adopt an active immune-supportive lifestyle. These modules will provide expertise on avoiding sickness and maximizing wellness. These strategies are applicable from the organizational level for the workforce to the individuals served. Modules are free to the public and can be taught by non-licensed mental health practitioners and peer specialists. Examples of the innovative use of this intervention in peer-run crisis respite, peer-led wellness centers, and other traditional and non-traditional programs, were highlighted. 

Recording for the live session can be found here. The Enhancing Immune Health Curriculum can be found here. Additional resources include a wellness quizwellness and recovery guide, and the Wellness Training Learning Collaborative