Community Supervision Peer Recovery Specialist – Blount

Community Supervision Peer Recovery Specialist – Blount

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Posted on March 31st, 2021

Community Supervision Peer Recovery Specialist - Blount


At the Helen Ross McNabb Center, our mission is “Improving the lives of the people we serve.”  Do you see yourself as a part of this life-changing work? If so, we are currently seeking a qualified and motivated professional for the following position: Community Supervision Peer Recovery Specialist (PRS). 


The Peer Recovery Specialist (PRS) is responsible for encouraging treatment, providing positive social interactions, sharing story of recovery, and empowering clients. Assist, mentor, educate, peer counsel, model, coach, support, encourage clients on home visits, and follow-up services as defined by the Peer Recovery Specialist Plan.  Provides direct service delivery in the community within flexible hours, develops and implements appropriate recovery planning, provides crisis intervention and emergency services, interacts and coordinates with probation and other criminal justice agencies, as well as utilizes center-wide and community resources as needed for client benefit.  Embraces the key values of recovery: self-determination, personal responsibility, and empowerment.  This program will be housed within the Tennessee Department of Corrections Probation and Parole Office in Blount County. This is a pilot program that embeds a PRS in the TDOC Office to provide peer recovery services to individuals on probation. 

This position requires utilizing a personal dependable vehicle to conduct Center business. Maintaining a dependable vehicle and certified driver status is a condition of employment.